Case of Clautiere California Reds

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What you should know:
  • 4 Bottles of Clautiere Estate Grenache
  • 4 Bottles of Clautiere Estate Mourvedre
  • 4 Bottles of Clautiere Mon Rouge Estate Red Blend
Why you should try this wine:
If Filmmaker Tim Burton ever went into the wine business, you can imagine his tasting room looking something like the tasting room at Clautiere Vineyard. Part fantasy, all whimsical, and self-described as Edward Sicssorhands meets the Mad Hatter at the Moulin Rouge…regardless of what you call Clautiere, you really need to see firsthand, the cool vibe and amazing estate wines of this distinctive winery.

Dedicated to the production of premium Rhone, Bordeaux, and Port style wines, Clautiere Vineyard is 100% Estate bottled to ensure the highest quality from grape to glass.
About the Winery:
Clautiere Vineyard wines are for people who love to let loose and drink seriously good wines. Clautiere Vineyard wines are for those people who like to step out of their comfort zone and discover hidden treasures just beyond their horizon. Experience Grenache, spicy with raspberry and strawberry. Meet Mourvèdre, lingering vanilla and smoky cedar. Finally... Mon Rouge, "My Red"... Bold red blend with with dark and seductive flavors and aromas.
Tasting Notes:
The 2005 Clautiere Mon Rouge is a full estate red blend consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec. With highlights of rich berry and dusty plum this wine is well balanced with elegant structure. Silky tannins lends to a dry finish of cocoa and sensual white sage.

The 2005 Clautiere Estate Grenache is typical premium Garnacha. Cayenne pepper and paprika-rubbed bacon start the fun. Floral notes of sweet red peppers and jasmine complete the party. Strawberries and raspberries flood the palate. Smoked rose wood finishes smoothly.

The 2007 Clautiere Estate Mourvèdre a journey of smoky rose petals, dense pomegranate and cedar with a touch of playful plum and warm vanilla glide into gentle tannins.
Case of Clautiere California Reds